Pandas International

We have just partnered up with Pandas International one of the worlds leading panda charities. So make sure to go check out there website.

Pandas International
  • Coming soon!

    We are going release a book to spread awareness about sustainability around the world. Our aim is to get our fun and exciting book about the team into schools around the world to share The Sustainable Squad to kids in schools everywhere.


    A cricket team who wants to save the planet comes up with a plan, which comes down to one thing: timing. On June 6th in 2026 in the 6th game of the season George is going to hit a massive six which hits big ben. In that moment everyone will rush to Big Ben, however Roger the slip up and Sandy the idiot, an unlikely duo. They need to break into the London headquarters which controls all the un-sustainable things in London and destroy it to save the planet.